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Michael Navarro, Principal

7602 N. Emerald Ave
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Phone: (503) 978-0809
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Open School North helps kids develop a sense of purpose, connection and smarts in 6th-8th grade so they are set up to do their best in high school. Located in North Portland, Open School serves up to 60 students from Portland Public Schools.

Relationship & Relevance

We help our kids develop a positive self-image and respectful relationships with others by emphasizing personal responsibility, accountability and decision-making skills. From the start, we build partnerships with parents and families to support our students.

Family Outreach and Partnership

We know that families as the experts on their child. Using a strength-based approach, we provide consistent and caring communication between teachers and parents.

Post-Secondary Readiness

Open School North prepares students to succeed in high school and beyond. Our classes are designed to engage students with a variety of learning styles and skill levels. Classes average 12 students, allowing for frequent teacher-student interaction. Students work on improving academic skills and changing behaviors in order to promote to the next grade level.


Open School North has high expectations for student attendance, academic achievement, and behavior. Our staff provides the supports necessary for reaching those expectations.


  • Assessment
  • Academic skill development
  • Life skill development
  • Performing arts and fine arts classes
  • Second language classes
  • Advocacy/case management
  • Daily peer-support groups
  • Service learning
  • Leadership development
  • Transition to High School
  • Family outreach

Sample Classes

  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Algebra
  • Ecology
  • Art
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Reader’s Theater
  • Spanish
  • Digital Photography

Read some of our news to see how our model of advocacy, equity and rigorous academics works.

How to enroll

Please contact Principal Michael Navarro (503.490.8403) or Student Success Coordinator Damon Miller (503.327.1662). We want to hear from you!

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